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It is awesome to be in the presence of God. Join in this great move of God. Welcome

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BalminGilead-devotional is an exceptional life changing devotional that has been instrumental in spiritual growth of thousands of users with life-support programs for the users.

As a user of our daily inspirational book,
you stand to benefit from numerous inspired prayers back-up projects like:

#1. Intercessory vigilance
You can take care of strengthening your spiritual life while seasoned intercessors will take care of praying for your physical needs.

God directed them to be holding special prayers for all the users of BalminGilead-devotional. And they dedicate themselves to God to do that.

#2.Prophetic Hour
The whole community gathers in the early morning of the first day of every month to dedicate your plans and dreams for the month to God.

After that, special team of intercessors will embark on indoor prayers to pray for you in a special way. It is always a refreshing time.

This is a special design of God to put His protective shield over your life throughout the month.

#3.Special Prayer line

You also have access to special prayer lines. God has empowered the intercessors that set themselves apart for His service to help you in prayers.
You can freely share your problems with them. You may choose to call them on phone or send them instant message

#4.Prayer partner to thousands of people
Every user of BalminGilead-devotional is a partner to thousands of other users. You do not need to physically attend the spiritual programs. Wherever you are, you are connected to the programs in the spirit as we are one body in Christ.

#5.Access to numerous spiritual resources
Once you become a user of BalminGilead-devotional, you will have an unlimited access to numerous spiritual resources that can empower your faith.

Everything about your spiritual welfare is included in
our daily motivational book.
Click here to order

There are so many reasons why thousands of people prefer to spend
some amount of money to get this life changing book of daily reflection
instead of settling for so many free online devotionals.

But other devotionals are free!

Yes! That will help you to easily spot the difference. Balm in Gilead is not only a devotional (or it will be free like others), BalminGilead-devotional is a key to a successful spiritual life.

Common sense tells us that you need to part with few amount of money to get a high valuable devotional book; unless you want to settle for ‘me-too-have’ devotionals that are all over the net.

Tap into this vision of God!
Yes, Balm in Gilead Devotional is a vision of God.

It is a gift of God to give you succor and a call of God for you to join in the end time evangelization by becoming personally transformed.

This is why numerous priests, evangelizers, Charismatic members from different communities and people of God from all walks of life are joining this train.

Divine Proof
God has proven that He is the owner of Balm in Gilead and He has confirmed that with numerous testimonies. Read testimonies of users.



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Balm in Gilead Devotional Family
Balm in Gilead Devotional Family is a support group for all Christians that are desirous of taking their spiritual life to the next level. Joining the group gives you access to enjoy prayer coverage of spirit-filled intercessors. You also has the ability to meet our seasoned counselors who will assist you spiritually and physically.

Balm in Gilead Devotional Prayer Request
Balm in Gilead Devotional Prayer Request is a systematic way of assisting the spiritual needs of all the users of Balm in Gilead devotional and other Christians. We have anointed interccessors who are set apart to pray for you on a daily basis. Every prayer request will receive is specially handled and in the course of praying for you, we may be directed by the Holy Spirit to give you prayers or directions.

Balm in Gilead Devotional Counseling
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Balm in Gilead Devotional Programs
Balm in Gilead Devotional Programs are numerous spiritual programs which the Lord directed us to be holding to help people in their devotional life. The prorgams have helped many peoiple from all over the globe to experience an awesome presence of God.

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