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Catholic-devotional-book are different from other devotional books because many things are put into consideration. We will show you what you must consider in choosing a daily devotional that has Catholic origin.

Safety of people’s faith: A good Catholic reflectional must be thorough and free from any false teaching. It has to be free from erroneous teachings.

Based on core teachings of Christ: Catholic devotional aims at helping the faithful live out teachings of Christ. It challenges them to imitate Christ through a deeper living.

Aimed at personal salvation: the core message of Christ is to transform us from sinners to God’s beloved. Therefore, Catholic-devotional-book base mostly on personal sanctification.

Increase of faith: the bible says in Hebrew 11 that without faith, it is impossible to please God. Therefore, Catholic devotionals must aim at helping the faithfuls strengthen their faith in God. This is done by challenging the faithful through testimonies of saints and other holy men to take God by his words.

Gaining personal favor: since we are still in the flesh, a Catholic-devotional-book must aim at helping the faithful gain personal favor from God. We all have different challenges that are facing us. Therefore, a good devotional must not only aim at empowering us spiritually but as well empower us physically.

Don’t worry! We will advise you on the best Catholic devotional that is right for you.

For Catholic devotional to achieve the above, it must have the following:

1. Combination of priests and lay faithful as editors: why is this combination important? The priests will make sure that the content of the devotional books do not contradict the teachings of the church (which is not different from the teachings of Christ). Then, the lay faithful will bring their experience as the people that are connected to the people of the world.

2. Team of intercessors: we all know the importance of intercessory prayers. A good catholic devotional book that wants to achieve the above requirements must have a team of intercessors that will be praying not only for the spiritual growth of users but their physical wellbeing as well.

3. Support Base: a Catholic devotional book needs to have a sound and trusted support base for the users. This support base must be well equipped to take care of the counseling needs of users and prayer line to help them prayerfully.

Balm in Gilead devotional is a Catholic-devotional-Book that has proven to be helpful to the faithful.


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