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It is awesome to be in the presence of God. Join in this great move of God. Welcome

Inspired and well-discerned
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Catholic-devotionals aim at deepening the individual Christian life through rich and safeguarded principles.

For the Catholic-Devotionals to achieve this, they need to be sound in theological values yet fully inspired by the spirit. It must be well-discerned so as to assist the lay faithful in their daily life.

Since after Vatican II Council, call for the participation of the laity in the life of the Church has been encouraged. People are called and encouraged to participate in individual discovery of the beauty of devotion through personal experience.

And the following are helping in that regard.

Chapel of perpetual adoration:

In order to help the faithful to partake deeply in this personal experience of God, chapel of perpetual adoration is built in almost all the churches. This helps the faithful in having quiet time with the Lord in a deeper devotion.

Pious society:

Many movements sprang up aiming at deepening personal devotions. The faithful are encouraged to join at least a pious society in order to strengthen individual personal life. Each society has its peculiar spirituality, which if well-followed by members, will lead in a deeper Christian living.


Most people had seen that though pious society and chapels can do a lot in enhancing individual prayer life, however, there is still need for daily devotional that has a Catholic origin.

Though Catholics have many books of prayer but due to the demands of the time, many desire for something deeper than ordinary books of prayer. They have seen it among Pentecostals and they desire that which suites them as Catholics.

There was a yearning amongst Catholics for Catholic-devotionals that can equip them in tackling personal challenges as well as deepening their spiritual life.

Most Catholics are aware that what you read has a lot of influence on you and they are therefore not satisfied on using devotionals that does not have catholic origin.

The reason for that is not far fetched, as it has been proven that there are so many doctrinal error in some devotional; this may not be intentional but since the editors are not thorough-bred in theological and doctrinal matters, they may enter doctrinal error without knowing it.

We are highly recommending Balm in Gilead Catholic-devotionals for it has spirit-filled priests and evangelizers as authors.

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