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Christian-Devotionals have proven to be the greatest spiritual tool that will help you draw daily inspiration and motivation. That is why the greatest gift you can give your spiritual life is to find an exceptional daily inspirational. It is not just any inspirational but the one that can offer you high value.

This page will guide you to make the most important choice of your spiritual life; which is choosing a daily motivational that is right for your personal spiritual needs.

What are you looking for in Christian-devotionals?
Spiritual growth, motivation, encouragement, anointing, inspiration, God’s direction, spiritual strength to face daily challenges and divine protection.

If so, you are highly welcome!

Decide what you want now:

Do you prefer ordinary reflectional that will be daily piled into your mail box or all over a web page which has no spiritual value to offer you?


A high resourceful and spirit filled motivational that has multi-values to
both your spirit and body.
If you chose the latter (like most wise Christians do), then read on!

You need Christian-devotionals that can offer these benefits:

  • That can give you daily inspiration.
  • That can give you inner strength to face your daily challenges.
  • That has special team of intercessors to pray for you.
  • That will not bore you, but is precise and straight to the point.
  • That is blended with matured sense of humor.
  • That has reputable and seasoned ministers of the word; preferably a combination of renowned priests and lay evangelizers as editors.
  • That has sound spiritual back-up to help you solve your human needs.
  • That can boost your spiritual growth.

 If you can find such inspirational, then you have found a jewel of great value.
Thank God!  He has provided us with a great resourceful Christian-devotionals which scored high in the above qualities. It is called
Balm in Gilead.


6 factors that will make Christian-devotionals to be outstanding from others:

#1. The reflectional must have a divine mandate

Christian-devotionals should be inspired by God before it can inspire you. Try to determine if God has specifically given a mandate for it. Then, check if He has fine-tuned it to fit His divine purposes. Most importantly, you will need to know if He has pruned out human attachments from the daily motivational to make it tally with His divine purpose.

#2.It has to be a divine tool for revival
You need an inspirational that will enrich you spiritually. So, check if the one you want to use is specifically targeted to spiritual revival. It has to go beyond reflection on daily scriptural verses. Does it have the capacity to turn your spiritual life around?

#3. The theme and topics of every month should be divinely inspired
A good motivational must have an inspired theme for every month. Again, topics of each day must reflect the theme. For this to happen, the editors of Christian-devotionals should wait on God for the theme and topics of every month. They have to be guided by God in putting down daily messages for your spiritual growth and guidance.

#4.It should be prophetic in nature
We all have human needs to cater for. St. Paul said, “God desires that you prosper even as your soul prospers”.

So, a good reflectional must help you to solve your human needs. It will motivate your faith to take certain spiritual actions. It has to give you the supernatural connection to tap from the divine resource.

For that to happen, it must have “prophetic prayer programs”.
You may think “but I am so busy to do such prayer programs”. Relax! Editors of good Christian-devotionals must take your busy schedule into consideration. So, the ‘prophetic prayer programs’ should not conflict with your time. Rather, it will make your time more useful and rewarding.

#5.The editorial team has to consist of renowned priests or pastors and reputed lay ministers of God.
If you are like many intelligent people, the first place to look at in a book is ‘about the author’ side. Why? You would want to know if the author has the authority to write on the topic.

Therefore, good Christian-devotionals must have a combination of the clergy and laity. Each has a specific rich experience to bring into the devotional.

The priests or pastors who are well versed in theology will make sure you are not fed with spiritual garbage. The spiritual Director and others will read the monthly manuscripts before they are sent to the press.

#6. It must have a proven record of life changing experience of users.
You should look for a daily reflectional which has proven records of life changing testimonies of users. It should not be faked testimonies like many mercenary pastors do in their churches.

How do you know if testimonies are genuine or fake? Use your instinct. Look beyond the facade. If you look closely, you will dictate any falsehood.

Read the testimonies to know if people have testified of life changing experiences through the use of the motivational. Their testimonies should range from healing, business breakthrough, deliverance etc.

We suggest you start using Balm in Gilead, it has proven to be an immense spiritual resource to users.


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