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It is awesome to be in the presence of God. Join in this great move of God. Welcome

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Daily-devotionals are the medium through which you can sit every morning, at the feet of Jesus like Martha in the gospel to draw spiritual strength to face your daily challenges. There are many ways you can benefit from daily-devotionals and we can help you deepen your life of devotion.

What you stand to gain from daily-devotionals

1. God's direction in your decision making:
 You are already aware that you are a product of your decisions. You therefore need wisdom to take them. Daily-devotional is the way to accomplish that.
if you are uncertain the direction you are to follow in certain areas of life, simply take them to God during your daily devotion. You will be surprised how his loving hands will guide you.

2. Transfer of Burdens: Life is full of challenges and if you bear them alone, you will get weary. You need to constantly offload the weight of troubles heaped on your shoulders by life's circumstances. It is through the use of daily devotional that you learn to transfer your burdens to the MASTER-Jesus.

3. Renewal of spiritual strength: You cannot do the work of today with the anointing of yesterday. you, therefore need a daily touch of the Holy Spirit.

With the aid of daily-devotionals, you constantly renew your strength like that of an eagle by becoming renewed in the spirit.

4. Provoking New Ideas: the fasted way to receive inspiration and new ideas is by staying daily with Jesus.
It is often refreshing how God fills us with new ideas on how to face our situations once we draw closer to him.


Is God interested in your using Daily-devotionals?

God yearns that you constantly unite with Him . He wants you to be devoted to Him.
He wants your devotional life to be an exceptional part of your daily activities.

God needs you more than you can ever imagine.

He wants to guide you as you step out to the challenges of the day. That is why He waits for you, each morning at your closet of prayer, to pour out your heart of love to Him in your daily devotion.

Form a habit of daily devotion by using daily devotional book
. Click here to see the most resourceful devotional book that will help you in your daily-devotionals.

God has provided a platform of amazing spiritual growth for you.
He desires to lead you to the spring of living water to refresh your weary soul. Join in this great move of God and your devotional life will never remain the same.

Let it become a part of you. Let heaven always look forward to your quality devotion every morning.


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