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It is awesome to be in the presence of God. Join in this great move of God. Welcome

Deeper Devotional experience,
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Devotional-Family is a support group for all Christians that are desirous of taking their spiritual life to the next level. Joining the group gives you access to enjoy prayer coverage of spirit-filled intercessors. You will aslo have the ability to meet our experienced online counselors who will assist you spiritually and physically.

Dear Brother/Sister, we are proud to welcome you as a member of Balm in Gilead family. Take time to read our web page to know how you can join us.

It is divine providence that led you to this site

God drew you to this site for a purpose. We have prayed that God will draw somebody like you here,
so you can join the Balm in Gilead devotional-family.

Our passion
Our passion is that God will change the whole world by ushering in an unprecedented revival. We need you to join us to actualize this vision.

How to join our devotional-family
You can start by joining us in your daily devotion to sit at the feet of Jesus and listen to His voice. Then, you can be amazed of how He will use you to touch people around you.

You do not even need to preach to convert a soul. Being a member of Balm in Gilead devotional-family will give you the capacity of oozing out such aroma of godliness that will influence those around you.

If you are desirous for a changed world, join us and start using Balm in Gilead devotional today.

If you are touched that many souls are dying, join in this burning passion to reach out to souls. We want to be heaven gazers and earth changers. It is the cry of our soul.

We want you to join us in getting ready for the coming of the Great King-Jesus. Then, you will be used greatly by Him in getting others ready by influencing them.

Please join us to answer this call of faith.
Our Master Jesus needs you.

If you are willing to join our devotional-family, say the following prayers:
Jesus, I thank you for the great plan you have for my life. I thank you for dying on the cross to set us free. Change my life and turn it around for good. Make me a vessel of honor. Use my life as a sweet smelling sacrifice that can influence others. Lord, I desire to impact life as I step out each day to my work. May the anointing of the Holy Spirit pour out in amazing way upon me as it was in the days of Pentecost.
Lord, today, I decide for you. I want to always be yours and never to depart from you. Help my weakness in the name of Jesus. Amen

Very simple! Is it not?

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