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It is awesome to be in the presence of God. Join in this great move of God. Welcome

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Devotional-Outreach programs are evangelical activities that aim at taking the gospel outside the four walls of the church to the people. It is packaged in such ways as to motivate people towards deeper devotional life and provoke in depth conversion amongst Christians.

We have been involved in this great mission of God in taking to the gospels to schools, hospitals, prisons and so many other places where the Lord leads us. You are invited to see how you can participate in this great move of God without necessarily being physically present.

Why the need for devotional-outreach?

Divine Call: It is the wish of our Lord Jesus Christ that we all join in the propagation of the gospel. He invited all of us as He commanded the apostles to take the good news to the ends of the earth.

A way of waging spiritual war: as you can see, there are so much demonic influence around us today. the best way we can wage war against the onslaught on the enemy is to take the good news to those who may have deceived. If you see from Jesus example, you will understand that he traversed everywhere preaching the good news.

Jesus partners: soul- winning is the ministry of Jesus and therefore we become His partners whenever we involve ourselves in devotional-outreach which sole aim is to win souls.

What kind of programs aim at winning souls?

School outreach: this kind of outreach is specifically targeted at taking the gospel to the young ones in school. Such programs are spiritually packaged in such way as to bring transformation to the children.
After preaching of the gospel and prayers, students are giving devotional books free of charge. You may wish to support such life changing programs.

Prison Outreach: This kind of outreach aims at visiting inmates at prisons to preach the good news to them and to bring transformation to their lives. The outreach group usually give them food, clothing and devotionals to deepening their devotional life.

Hospital Visitation: You may wish to support the outreach team that is responsible for visiting sick people at hospitals. There are so many people that could not pay their hospital bills. Some of them are passing through depression and so need soothing words that could console them. That is why the outreach team usually preach to them and distribute devotions books to them free of charge to encourage them that God loves them. You may wish to support this group.

The outreach group can visit many places depending on the guidance of the Holy Spirit. You may not have the opportunity of joining any outreach team but you can join by supporting them with your resources especially offering them financial support. It has proven to be an efficacious means of sacrificial-giving.

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