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Devotional-Prayer-Request is an inspired way of assisting the devotional and other needs of Christians. There are certain factors you must consider in order to receive answers from God for the prayer petitions.

If you fail to take those factors into consideration, you risk losing your precious time requesting fro prayers that would not be answered.

Why you need to make a devotional-prayer-request

Our devotional life needs a special guide of spirit-filled persons whom the Lord will use to strengthen our spiritual life. There are times our own prayers may not be sufficient enough to bring the desired result. At such times, the intercessions of experienced Christians help us. It is a well accepted axiom that iron sharpens iron.

The factors to consider before sending your

1. Who will handle the prayer requests:
Experience has shown that many that call for prayer requests from people do not have a laid down prayer format of tackling the devotional-prayer-request.

You must therefore ascertain whether the person or people to whom you are forwarding your prayer request have the spiritual capacity to attend to your prayer request.

2. How would they handle your devotional-prayer-request?
They must have intercessors that pray on people's petition or prayer requests on daily basis. Then, while praying for you, the intercessors may receive specific revelation or direction from the Lord concerning your request.

This is very important. So, you must discern if those that would handle your request are led by the spirit. It is only spirit-filled intercessors that have the capacity to receive God's specific direction for your prayer request.

3. Are there evidence of results?
Before sending your request to any online medium, make sure that there are well tested testimonies of those whom the Lord has answered their prayers. Yes! this will definitely separate those who are unserious from those who are actually determined to help people.

4.What should your devotional prayer request contain?
There must be a clear goal to achieve in anything we do in Christendom. Having clear objective in prayer contributes a lot to our receiving answers to our prayers. In determining your prayer objectives, you must answer this question:

  • What do you want?
  • What is the problem that you want solutions to?
  • Do you believe it is possible?
  • Have you done the things you are supposed to do concerning the situation?

5.What to do next?
Once you determine the answers to the above questions, you now take a paper and pen to write down your prayer request and review them after writing to be sure that you really put down what you want.

Make sure they are brief and straight to the point. It is true that you are forwarding your petition to God but you are doing it through a human medium-the prayer request intercessor . Therefore, you must write it in a way that will make him/her understand what you mean.

Then after summarizing your prayer request, find online intercessors that take care of devotional prayer request and forward your request for prayer to them. Click here to fill a form for


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