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Devotional-Programs are spiritual programs aimed at motivating and inspiring Christians towards deeper life of devotions. These programs may be offline or online. Read on to see how you can benefit immensely from anointed Christian activities.

Benefits of participating in devotional-programs

Deeper devotional life: one great preacher rightly remarked that we need fresh anointing on a daily basis to be enabled to confront the daily challenges. The best way to be receiving fresh anointing is through participating on offline and online devotional-programs.
The more you participate in devotional-programs, the more you grow in spiritual knowledge.

Accessing Divine Favor:  
Such spiritual activities motivate our faith and empower us to access divine favor from God.

Energized to face challenges:
There are mountains to surmount in our individual lives. Those mountains are the daily challenges we confront us. If we participate in such anointed programs, God will empower us to confront those challenges through inspirational messages and prayers.

What kind of spirtitual activities do you participate in?

Crusades: Most churches hold crusades and seminars. In such devotional-programs, anointed ministers or preachers are invited to speak and pray for God. Participating in such spiritual activities is very refreshing and motivating.
Find out the programs of your church and know when they plan to hold crusade, so you can participate.

Devotional Groups:  This is group of Christian people that have common ideas and belief who gather together to assist each other’s devotional life. Anointed Christian groups influence their members to always be on the fire of the Holy Spirit.

You can find out the kind of group in your Church and join them for your spiritual growth. If you are a Catholic, you may wish to join the Charismatic Renewal. If you are a Pentecostal, Anglican, Presbyterian etc , find a spirit-filled group in your church and associate with them. It will go a long way to deepen your devotional life.


Online devotional programs:

Examples of online devotional-programs:

Devotional Counseling: Devotional-counseling is a way of seeking for advice and guide on how to tackle spiritual, emotional and physical problems. In order to benefit from devotional-counseling, you need to consider the following points...

Devotional-Prayer Request: Devotional-Prayer-Request is an inspired way of assisting the spiritual and other needs of Christians. There are certain factors you must consider in order to receive answers from God for the prayer petitions. If you fail to take those factors into consideration, you risk losing your precious time requesting fro prayers that would not be answered. Click to know more about this.

Devotional family: This is a support group for all Christians that are desirous of taking their spiritual life to the next level. Joining the group gives you access to enjoy prayer coverage of spirit-filled intercessors. You will also have the ability to meet our experienced online counselors who will assist you spiritually and physically. Read more!

Prophetic Hour: God in his infinite mercy is always guiding us and feeding us spiritually. He inspires us with programs that could draw us closer to him. We will guide you on how to join our online devotional programs. Prophetic Hour is a program that is designed to help you begin the month in an amazing way. This is because the way you begin the month determines how the month will be for you. Click to know about this Devotional-Programs.



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