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It is awesome to be in the presence of God. Join in this great move of God. Welcome

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Devotional-Format is the structure of Christian devotionals. If you want to choose a motivational and inspirational devotional, you must look at the format. Looking at the format will help you to ascertain if that devotional is what you want or not.

Looking at devotional-format will save you lots of stress and help you to choose your devotional in aquick glance. Below is the devotional-format of Balm in Gilead devotional, a life changing devotional that God has used to bring transformation into life of many Christians. You can read their testimonies.

Devotional-Format of Balm in Gilead

It has a very unique pattern that is quite outstanding and makes it stand out from numerous devotional books around. This is why those who have come in contact with it now regard it as a special spiritual guide. See where they share their experiences.

It has about 5 sections which are as follows:

From the Spiritual Director’s desk
Every month, the spiritual Director takes a special look on the theme of the month. With a biblical based reflection, he generally gives an overview to the theme. It has been a very rich feature of the devotional. Click to read some archived articles.

Meet The Counselor
This section covers the question and answers part of the devotional. Rev. Fr. Donald Uzor, a renowed priest and preacher, counsels people in a very passionate way. They sent their questions and he gives them counsels on how to handle their situations. Follow this link to view past editions of this feature.

Prophetic Release
This is a special part of Balm in Gilead devotional that clearly separates it from others. Rev. Fr. Mike Okagbue speaks like Prophet Ezekeil in the valley of dry bones. Being a vibrant Charismatic priest that is well sought after in dealing with peoples’ problems, he ministers to people through the column. He puts on his prophetic mantle as a priest of God to speak for God to his children.

Life of Saints

Rev. Fr. Felix x-rays the life of a particular saint each month and exhorts us on how to live like the saints. It has been a very motivating column. Many peoples’ life have changed for good after reading this column.

Kids’ Corner
This is the section of the book that aims at re-orienting the values of our children, teen and youth. Rev. Fr. Francis Unaegbu who has been instrumental in shaping life of many youths takes care of this column.


this section is where a topic is discussed each day. There is a short bible reading for the day which reflects the topic. Then an inspired reflection on the topic is given. It is geared in such a way as to reflect the whispers of God to the faithful for each day.
After the reflection of each day, you will be guided to take a corresponding action as regards what you reflected on.
Then you are led to the mountain of prayer with appropriate prayer points that helps you to pray.

Quotes of the day
every day, you are presented with a special quote that pertains to the reflection. If you don’t have time to read the bible text and the day’s reflection, you may simply meditate on the quote. Then later on in the day, you will do other parts of the devotional.

Bible study guide
you are giving the daily bible readings coined from the church calendar. This is to guide you in further bible study.

Click here to read about the resourceful inspirational that has all the above mentioned devotional-format.


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