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Devotional-sacrificial-giving or Christian giving is one of the best forms of devotional-thanksgiving. It means donating cheerfully in support of God’s work. The best place you can plough back what God has given to you is in sponsoring the work of God.

Devotional-sacrificial-giving or generous giving is like sowing seeds. You may sow seed and it will not be acceptable to God because of various reasons. We are here to guide you so that your seed sowing will be acceptable to God and beneficial to you as well.Our tips on Christian-giving will deepen your devotional life.

How do you offer an acceptable devotional-sacrificial-giving
1. Cheerful giving: It is true that many people donate huge amount of money to the work of God but they do not do so from a cheerful heart. it is often observed that some people give money to the work of God out of compulsion. This compulsion may stem from the way the speaker provokes them before they give. if you wait to be provoked by a preacher, pastor or priest before you give to God, it may not yield fruit to you. Why? Such individual does not sow in cheerfulness.
To sow in cheerfulness, determine what you want to give to God from your heart.

2. Sow in love: Love of God has to be the compelling factor in giving to God. When you give to God, let love pour out of your heart. Give to Him in appreciation of what He has done to you. Give Him because of who He is and not so much because of what you expect from Him.

3. Sow according to your level: When Jesus told the story of the widow's mite, He x-rayed the importance of giving according to your level. Others gave just little (which is a very small fraction) from their bounties but the woman gave all she had. In making a devotional-sacrificial-giving to God, you must give what is befitting your income.

4. Have a purpose: It is true that when we make devotional-sacrificial-giving, it has to be in appreciation for what He has done for you but you can use it toreceive favor from God. in order to do this appropriately, you have to tag a prayer point to your sacrificial-giving. The prayer point you should tag to it is what you will want God to use your seed of faith to do for you.

We have received many testimonies of how people received unimaginbale favour and answer to their prayers by using this method. Assuming you are praying for a business breakthrough or for fertility in marriage, then make a generous giving and tell God that it is your way of asking Him to have mercy on you and answer your prayers.

Remeber that God looks on our intentions, so you should not be doing it as if it is a bait or that you are bribing God. That is why the generous giving should be done in humility; after all whatever we have belongs to God.

How to make your devotional-sacrifical-giving to be beneficial to you

Sow in a fertile ground: It is a clear law of Agriculture that if you sow in a very fertile ground, you will definitely reap bountifully. The same principle applies to spiritual sowing of seed.

Some people just give out their hard earned money without ascertaining if the cause they support has the mark of God? If you want your devotional-sacrifial-giving or the seed you sow in God's vineyard to be pleasing to God and then attract divine favor to you, you have to sow seed in support of programs that aim at winning souls to the kingdom.

Devotional Outreach is one of such programs that have proven to be fertile ground to sow your seed of faith or make your sacrificial-giving, click to read about devotional-outreach.

Click to make a devotional-sacrificial-giving.


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