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Motivational and inspirational

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Are you desirous for a deeper devotional life but your schedule is so tight that you are looking for short-devotionals that will inspire and motivate you as you rush to attend to your daily schedules?

If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place.

Before choosing your short-devotionals

There are certain things you must put into consideration before settling for an inspirational . This is to enable you be spiritually alive instead of feeding your soul with garbage (I know you cannot allow that to happen to you).

Resourceful short-devotionals must be-

Precise but rich in content: The inspirational must have a rich and precise content. This means that inspiration must not be sacrificed for brevity. It takes a spirit guided person to write a short motivational.

Thought Provoking: It must have the capacity to provoke you to be in mood of prayer. A glance at the short sentence should be enough to provoke the thought of God inside you.

Spirit filled: It must be spirit filled before it can enable you to be connected to God. It is only if the editorial team are spirit-filled that their devotional will inspire and motivate you.

Getting the best from short-devotionals:

The topic: Since you are a very busy person, we suggest that you must pay a particular attention to the topic of the daily devotional. Read the topic and keep quiet for few minutes to allow the content sink into your spirit.

Read the bible text for the day: Remember “your word, O Lord is a lamp unto my feet”. So, read the bible text for the day. The bible text in short-devotionals are usually short, so it will not take much of your time to read.

Scan through the reflection for the day: Even though, you do not have time but you have to skip out some few minutes from your busy schedule to read the reflection. Don’t wait to understand it, just scan through it and move on. Later on in the day, the Lord will allow what you read to bump through your mind.

The quote of the day: This is where you will concentrate on during the day. After reading the reflection and you are about to zoom to your office or school, try to remind yourself of the quote of the day and the topic of your reflection. Allow your mind to browse through the topic and the quote of the day. It will help you to be spiritually focused during the day.

The prayer points: As you run off to your busy schedules, use the prayer points slowly as you speak to God. Waoh! If you can do this effectively, then your spiritual life will take a great upward swing.Click here for inspiring short-devotionals that will enrich you spiritually.

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