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Testimonies, Thanksgiving-devotional-testimonies
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Below is some of thanksgiving devotional testimonies that we recorded. Some of them range from transformation of devotions life to healing and deliverance. We believe that by your reading the testimonies, your life will be transformed.

The tesimonies:

Changed life
Before I was a masturbator but now I am thanking God because I am no longer a masturbator. Last two months, I wrote a devotional-prayer-request and asked God to take it away from me and He did.
Name withheld.

I thank God for what He has done for me through this book, Balm in Gilead. I also thank God for healing me also through this devotional. This sickness started disturbing me since 2007, but as soon as I started praying with this devotional, something like water came out from my ear and since that day I was free from the sickness. And I thank God for the abundance of his blessings in my business today.
Ozoemena Egbo-2348039143627

Faith increase
Since I begin to use Balm in Gilead motivational, I have been experiencing increase in my faith.
Peter Ibeanu- 2348066469060

Deeper devotional life
Brothers and sisters in Christ, I am very grateful to be one of the members that come across this book of wisdom. It was only last four days that I saw somebody reading this devotional. So, I asked the person about it and he explained everything to me concerning Balm in Gilead. Then, I started looking for the book and I find it. Meanwhile, I am very interested in the passages I read. The Lord has already started a work in my life, before I cannot pray well but now I am trying by God's grace Amen.
Obika Ngozi- 2348066998611

Strengthened prayer life
Since I have started making use of this Balm in Gilead, I have started saying my prayers every day. Also, since I started making use of this it, God answered my prayers by protecting me through my long journey to Edo State.
Again, since I started making use of this inspirational, God delivered me from bad dreams that I used to have.
Ibeanu Ngozi- 2347060830313

Special favour through devotional programs
Since I am coming to Balm in Gilead vigil, I derived joy and happiness in me. I am also experiencing divine favour in my office and God is providing food on my table.
Nwankwo Veronica. A.- 2348037313854

Increase in business
Within my few months of reading this book “Balm in Gilead” my business has migrated to another level. Many customers are coming and many international partners are interested in me and want to partner with me. Since the almighty God has opened the door of success for my business, I believe firmly that no man, woman, child and evil spirit can shut it. Amen.
Ohalehi Uzoma Philip- 2348037997241

Received business favour
To God be the glory, since I started using this booklet, I have experienced so many improvement in my business ranging from new customers and business favours from God. Secondly, this booklet has made me to read my bible on daily basis. It has also helped me to believe more on God and to depend only on Him. It has also elevated my faith in God and it has also helped me to grow spiritually.
Frankly speaking, since I started using this booklet, I now find joy and peace of mind in everything that I do. Even in the midst of difficulty, I now have a reason to glorify God. Infact, it has made me to changed person positively. People to help solve peoples' problems and saved many souls which I am one of them.
My special gratitude goes to our director Rev. Fr. JohnBosco Okafor because whom God inspired to save souls. Thank you all, the prayer evasions, the crew members and my fellow users of balm in Gilead. More grease to your elbow. I love you all in Jesus name Amen.
Hilary Okey Ugwu-2348037481699

Deepening of devotional life and business favour
Glory be to God for making me to one of the users of Balm in Gilead programme. At least, since I started using this devotional, I am always taking part in the vigils which I am not used to before.
One month after I joined this programme, my husband who has not being going to market started his business. He used to travel time without number. He started catering for his family as he used to do before. So brothers and sisters, join me to magnify the Lord for the wonderful works he has been doing for my family.
Okoye Charity N.-08037593842

Deliverance from bad dreams and demon induced hatred from people
After the 21 days prayer, the bad dreams that I am having before stopped and I find myself better than before: there is difference as regards the illness that I am having before. And my God give me more power to stand well.
Since we finished the prayer project the man that I am serving who hated me badly changed to my greatest surprise and is now showing me kindness. The man has totally changed. Whenever he wants to talk to me, he will cool his mind and talk to me. I am so happy now and is grateful for that.
Ezeanyanwu Roseline-2348164397082


Special favour received and appreciation
1. I was looking for about 2 Rooms apartment for almost 3 years but just about 2 weeks after May, 2010 pragramme I was able to get it without paying N40, 000 (about $300)
 to agents or to lawyer, it was direct entry. God has done it for my family, Glory be to Him.

2. Now coming to Balm in Gilead booklet, its prayers are excellent & motivating, the NOVENA, & the whole of 30 days devotion for one whom careful follow it quietly.

3. The invitation to guest speakers to handle some topics and put new things in members you can bear witness with me provokes a large turnout of members & nonmembers both in the vigils and days of activities. Please keep it up.

4.   The most and very important one that supersede all is the outreach to many schools and prison yard, sharing the Balm in Gilead booklet free to them as part of the gospel. Finally I thank God again for the leaders who are like a pregnant woman loaded with God's abundance blessing.
Bro. Cletus Oranusi-2348134215497

Deliverance of my sister from killers
The good and the wonderful things I have experience in my life since I starts using this Balm in Gilead concerns my sister whom the evil one's want to take away his life on her way to the market but I thank God that her life remains and is still in the hands of God. God covered the eyes of the evil men on that particular night when they tried to kill her. God miraculously led her out of the hands of the evil men. At Ogidi, (Oye Okisa Market) at 5.00pm and she returned the next day morning telling us about the miracle of God and we thank God for that since we are using this Balm in Gilead devotional.
The next is that my mother’s business was falling, but since I starts using this devotional, I can see the
Chidiebere Ezeanya-2348139243223

Transformed devotional life
As a user of Balm in Gilead devotional, it has transformed my spiritual life so positively. A friend of mine, from your ministry introduces it to me, so I joined the programme on July 2010. That was when my spiritual life begins to change. Previously, I was somebody who finds it so difficult to say my rosary every day or even do midnight prayer, at least once in a month, but with Balm in Gilead devotional, all these became easy for me.
Apart from that, one greatest thing happened when I join this programme on August, there was counseling session, I attended it to my greatest surprise there was some sins I committed at the past, but I haven't reconciled very well with God, while I was busy asking God to bless me with this and that. It was revealed to the counselors, and they reconciled me and God. Without been told I felt the presence of God within me and after that day my spiritual life was highly transformed positively by his grace.

Please join me and thank God. I want to use this medium to thank Bro. Nwachukwu Ifeanyi, the coordinator of this ministry and as well the editor general of Balm in Gilead, the prayer worries, praise and worship and among others who work so hard to see success of this programme and available of this booklet, I pray that the good Lord will continue to be strengthen you while his inspiration in Jesus name Amen
   I like the devotional and the programme it is so spiritual, educative and well organized.
Nnadi Cecilia Ijeoma-2347031196140



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