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It is awesome to be in the presence of God. Join in this great move of God. Welcome

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Do you know that using thanksgiving-devotional is the fastest way to receive answers to prayer and warm yourself into the heart of God? There are many things you must know so as to offer acceptable thanksgiving devotions to God. We are here to give you thanksgiving devotional ideas that will help to open up unimaginable doors of favors for yourself.

God desires that we appreciate Him for all the good things He is doing for us. When we look around us, we will see many good things which the Lord has done for us and for which we need to give him praise.

What has God done for you that you should thank Him?

1. Your life:
That you are still alive today is a testimony because there are many things that would have caused your death but God delivered you from all of them.

2. Your health:
You should thank him because of your health. Even if you are sick, you need to thank Him because if not for His mercies, it may have been worse. Maybe, you are expecting that He would heal you but find a way to appreciate His healing power first.

3. The wonderful people around you:

Thank him because of the wonderful people that surround you each day. One of the greatest gifts the Lord has given to us is the gift of having loved ones with whom we can share our feelings. And for this reason, you need a thanksgiving-devotional that will help you to praise Him well.

4. For expected favors:

Are you expecting favors from Him? You should thank him because of the hope you have in him. It is a great thing that you have a place to anchor your hope. When every other thing else has failed, you know deep down in your heart that God can do all things.

That ability to anchor our hope on God is a great gift. You could imagine how frustrating it would have been for all of us if we do not have God. Oh! My dear, we should thank Him for the hope we have in Him. It is amazing.

What thanksgiving-devotional could help us appreciate God?

1. Testimonies:

We often fail to proclaim the good things which the good Lord has done for us. Learn to appreciate God on a regular basis for the good things He did for you. Read more about thanksgiving-devotional-testimonies
2. Psalms:
The book of Psalms is one the greatest thanksgiving-devotional to praising God. Using the book of Psalms to sing to the Lord always is a very helpful devotion. Find Psalms of praise and thanksgiving to God and use them each day to thank God.

3. Almsgiving:
Helping the needy is a sure way to thank God. If God blesses you, He expects that in return, you should bless others around you. Notably, it is a spiritual principle that givers never lack. IThat is why almsgiving is acceptable thanksgiving-devotional.

4. Seed sowing:
Seed sowing means to donate cheerfully in support of God’s work. The best place you can plough back what God has given to you is in sponsoring the work of God.

5. Devotional life:
Your thanksgiving will be valuable to God if you are living a devotional life. If you want to appreciate God, draw closer to Him and that will be a greater sacrifice more than anything else.

Read more about thanksgiving-devotional-testimonies

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