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life changing testimonies

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Do you know that thanksgiving-devotional-testimonies can motivate and inspire you to receive your own testimonies? We will help you to understand this spiritual secret. We have a collection of life changing testimonies of people which you can read to strengthen your thanksgiving devotions.

What can you benefit from thanksgiving-devotional- testimonies?

1. Faith transformation:
Reading testimonies of what God has done for all other people is a sure way to transform your faith. That was the reason why Jesus backed His teachings with signs and wonders.

In our ministry, we have seen sharing testimonies could do in the lives of people. Many people who have lost faith in God regained their faith after hearing how God delivered those that have similar cases with them.

2. Prepares you for your own testimony:
One of the beneficial aspects of reading other people’s thanksgiving-devotional-testimonies is that it prepares you for your own testimony.

How? As you read how other peoples that experienced the same kind of problem you are passing through got breakthrough, you will be definitely provoked to do what they did to receive answers to their prayers.

We have seen the effects of this in crusades and seminars, where people received instant healing by hearing how other people were healed by God.

Thanksgiving-devotional-Testimonies are a great spiritual motivator. It keeps your spirit aflame and removes every barrier to your testimony.

3.Increase your love for God:
You may be, perhaps, feeling that God does not love you due to what you are passing through. You should not worry because you are not alone; most people feel like that in times of trouble.

All you need to do is to read the devotional testimonies and your love for God will increase. Then, you will appreciate the love of God for you and what a caring father He is to all of us.

4. Deepening your devotional life:
The grace of prayer will come upon your life in amazing way if you read other people’s testimonies.

How could this be? It is very simple.Testimony is like a magnet. As you listen to or read thanksgiving-devotional-testimonies, the Spirit of God that released the power for the realization of such testimony will provoke a thought of prayer within you. And whoosh! If you are like every other people, you will bubble out in prayer.

I am feeling excited here because we know your devotional life is about to experience a great transformation as you click here to read thanksgiving-devotional-testimonies of how God changed and transformed people’s life.

Even if you are feeling boredom in prayer, the wonderful experience of other people will strengthen your devotion.

5. Drawing you closer to God:
You and I were created in the image of God and there is that inner yearning in us. St. Augustine said that our souls can only rest in God. There is a vacuum in each of us yearning to be filled and it can only be filled by God.
Drawing closer to God is the best way to fill the vacuum and reading Thanksgiving-devotional- testimonies of others will help you do that.


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