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It is awesome to be in the presence of God. Join in this great move of God. Welcome

Youth-Devotions Guide,
valuable Youth Devotion Resources
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Youth-devotions is very peculiar and needs the guidance of an experienced youth. It is only a youth that understands the language of a youth. We are here to guide you to a life of deeper devotion.

Youths are constantly seeking for daily inspiration and motivation. They want a kind of life that will endear them to God. We are here to guide you on how to make the most of deep Christian devotion life.

Let’s start by looking at devotion in general.
Devotion is your way of spending time with God whom you love so well. It is a fellowship of love. It is the most important moment in your life. At times, you may not need words. Silence becomes so profound.

Christian devotion varies depending on age and devotional life of each age differs.

Why do you need youth-devotions?

#1. To prepare for your future:

 As a youth, you need to spend more energy in drawing nearer to God. An African adage says that it is the fire wood that a man gathers in dry season that he uses in rainy season. It is the preparation you make in your youth that will guide you in old age. Youth-devotions will help you to prepare for the future by bringing you nearer to God.

#2. Devotion gives youth the courage to face life
You have a long stretch of road ahead of you. I do not mean a stretch road to your city.
Mmh! I bet you understand what I mean.
Ok! Let’s go on.
You have a journey of life ahead of you. Your devotion will do more to give you the spiritual energy to forge ahead.

We have observed that whenever our devotion are going down, We will start experiencing all sorts of challenges. No wonder, Jesus said “apart from me, you can do nothing” (John 15 vs 5).

If your devotion is deep enough, You will be enabled to face life-challenges like David before Goliath. At such times, you will no longer be afraid to face life. There are many people out there that are so afraid to face life.

#3. Decision taking

 Do you know why Solomon was so wise? He had a glorious devotion which attracted God to bless him with wisdom.
That’s it. Be attracted to God in devotion. If you do that, He will guide you in taking decisions of life. You still have so many decisions to take in life. It is only a closer walk with God in deeper devotion that can guide you to that.

#4. Devotion guards you against the negative influence of life

Many youths complain to us in counseling that they notice that at times they may find themselves being influenced negatively by others. They do things they shouldn’t do just because others are doing them.
If you have ever being in such situation, don’t worry we will later introduce you to a kind of devotion that will make you spiritually strong to say no to negative influence. Finding a motivational youth-devotions will go a long way in helping you against negative influence.

How can a youth strengthen his/her devotion?

We have heard such questions over and over again as we lead many youths in their spiritual journey.
As a youth who desires earnestly to deepen his/her Christian devotion, the most important help you need is getting a devotion book. Click here to see the kind of youth-devotions book you need.


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